Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Teen Boy, Tween Girl & Baby Girl Holiday Guide

Happy Holidays! So shopping is getting a tad bit more complex when it comes to shopping for the two gen Z children that I've got. Take that and add Aria (not sure what gen she is yet) and I'm all over the place shopping. I've got one gen Z boy and 1 gen z girl and just when I thought my Toys R Us days were over...ha! Here comes baby girl!

I find that many of generation Z seem to be a bit similar in terms of interest, trends and style. I attribute this opinion to the fact that my son is always showing me YouTube videos and for the most part the majority of these kiddos are into the same things.

The Teen Boy
Aiden officially embarked into his teenage years this summer and if you haven't gotten there yet just wait for it! Ha! My son happens to be a simple yet pretty expensive kiddo. He pays special attention to his personal style, he Vlogs occasionally, and is pretty much your overall typical gen Z athletic kid. When it comes to Christmas things are getting trickier & trickier by the year. Unlike Addie, Aiden isn't making his list and checking it twice. So here are a few items that I know for sure my kid is into because after all the teenage years are the essential years of graduation from little boy to young man.

Sony DSCHX80 - is a great camera to start with for those that show interest in Vlogging.

Wireless Bluetooth Speakers - are always a hit among the boys. Aiden took his to school during football season and the boys played music in their locker room before their games.

Cologne - Aiden's current fave is Gucci Guilty.

A Classic Watch  - I think the epitome of manhood is a classic watch it's also a bit symbolic.

Gift Card! Last but not least a gift card to their favorite gaming system, or store is always a win.

Pre - Tween Girl
So my Addie is your full on girly, girl. She loves fashion, make up, nail polish and leggings...heehee!
This is the child that starts making her Christmas list when the month of October is coming to a close! She really isn't difficult to buy for she is pretty specific with what she wants. Hmm, wonder who she gets that from!

Make Up - So Addie is into  Fenty beauty  & Kylie Cosmetics she was possibly more excited than I when Fenty released. We do not do make up outside of the home but this child loves to play in makeup. After following a few tutorials online she's actually getting pretty good at it.

Cell Phone Cases - Addie owns about six different cell phone cases and she flips them out ALL of the time.

PINK! Almost anything (clothing wise) from the store PINK.

Onesie - Addie as most tween girls are, is all over the onesie trend. You really can't wrong with this one!

Lastly, anything CheerLyfe! This gal has been a cheerleader since the age of three and having transitioned to All -Star cheer in the last 2 years she's certainly about the cheer life. Great gifting items can be found her for the snazzy little cheerleader in your life.

Toddler Baby Girl
Aria is a very spunky little gal. She has been mobile since four months, so in her case I have to absolutely keep her busy with what I like to call busy toys! Since she is a young toddler I prefer to purchase only those toys that will keep her interest. Here's what I have my eyes set on for her.

Wonderball Fun House - This little ball house looks super busy and exactly what little miss needs. I am actually purchasing this one for my little, little.

Fisher Price Corn Popper - This classic and inexpensive toy is always a win!

Tunnel  & Princess Castle - Combing these two will definitely keep the busiest little toddler busy!

Lastly, I really wanted too get Aria a ride on push car for her birthday so we did and she loves it. The Avigo mini cooper is so fun and cute. It also comes in red. 

I hope my mini holiday guide gears you in the right direction in the case that you are scratching your head at what to buy. Happy Holidays!

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