Friday, November 17, 2017


Happy Friday! Things have been a little hairy and hectic here lately so when it gets this way I try my best to dig into the positive. Easy enough since I love decor and I live for the holidays. So I in a total real life overwhelmed state of mind took a quick me time trip just to get out of the house. If you are a mom or wife and have been for a little while than you know exactly where I am coming from!

The key to life's little moments of frustration is to utilize your time wisely. This is a personal choice no matter the amount of frustration that you may feel. So instead of busting a B line to the nearest bar for a margarita I decided to hit up TJ Maxx , Burlington, and Ross. Why did I choose these stores? Well because everything in those stores are left up to chance. Sometimes you strike gold and sometimes you don't. I knew that I couldn't do too much damage browsing the aisles during my moment of frustration. Plus they are all next door to one another in the new shopping center recently built near my home.

Of Course I browsed Christmas decor! There were so many cute little holiday pillows in the holiday sections of all three stores. So I had a little moment of inspiration and decided I wanted to add a little holiday cheer to my bedding.

I started in Ross and ended up purchasing two black faux fur pillows along with a faux fur mink luxury throw. The pillows were $20, the throw was $17. My gears were turning so I headed next door to Burlington where I found two white faux fur pillows for $20 and a super chic black and gold deer pillow for $10. Next,I headed over to TJ Maxx and scored a super cute cherry blossom wreath for $30!! I did all of this within one hour. Talk about a productive moment of frustration! Only $87 spent to bring a little cheer. I call that winning, ha! I'd already purchased 2 reversible buffalo checkered pattern holiday pillows from Kirklands that I noticed on their instagram. So instead of using those on my couch I put them in my room.

The holidays are already expensive enough guys! Don't sleep on the awesome holiday decor found in discount retail stores. I hope this post inspires you!

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