Tuesday, November 7, 2017


It's totally my favorite time of the year, you guys! Ahhh, I am THE biggest Christmas dork. I love all things magical and just the over - all abundance of joy during the holiday season. This time last year I was seven days out from giving birth, on the cusp of competition season for cheer and about to battle an unwelcome  case of mastitis! I do not wish that on my worst enemy. Never have I ever felt that kind of pain before! I don't think we put the tree up until after December last year which is ridiculously late for us.

The holidays were full of adjustments last year and yet this year we are in the middle of buying and selling our home. I'm starting to think that we purposely choose to operate under undue amounts of stress. Ha! So while the majority of my home decor is in storage I simply cannot live without a little bit of holiday decor sprinkled around the house.

Yesterday while randomly strolling through Hobby Lobby I came across three Christmas wall art pieces that I loved and crafts for 50% off. I decided I wanted to put a little spin on my traditional holiday decor so I purchased five reindeer faces and personalized them to our family. The deer faces are originally $5.99. I also purchased a 12 pack of large wiggly eyes from the craft isle in Walmart.This simple and fun DIY took about 45 minutes from start to finish. I was able to personalize each deer face with simple items around the house, craft paint, three paint brushes and a glue gun! I used three 2 ounce bottles of Apple Barrel craft paint in the colors, coffee bean(antlers),chocolate bar (nose), and black for my deer's lashes! If you don't have random bows around your home you can find the basic color bows that I used within the sewing and craft area in WalMart. Hobby Lobby has bows as well. The kiddos always have 3D shades from movies that they've gone to see lying somewhere around the house so I used a pair for the hub's glasses. 

To create your own fun Christmas wall you can find all of the items pictured on the wall in the pictures above and below at Hobby Lobby. Bows and hat are from WalMart. You guys I am too excited to pull the tree from the attic this Friday! Haha! Happy Holidays!

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