Thursday, November 9, 2017


What do you consider yourself? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I like to say that I am a introvert/ extrovert. Ha! For the most part I am a highly expressive individual. I've never really had an issue "saying it like I mean it" and in current times I love the ability to connect and or catch up on things with a simple swipe! However, there are some aspects of social that have pushed me into a bit of an introvert.

There are so many interesting people and things on social media but let me share with you what I've observed. In my opinion, I notice that those who share more on social (such as bloggers like myself) actually seem to spend less time on social. Don't get me wrong we are all always on social! I find that it's those who hardly ever post anything that spend the most time on social scrolling and possibly trolling. Sounds a bit off right? Here's what I am saying...the next time that you are around someone in person take a mental note of how long it takes before that individual that you are speaking to makes the comment "oh yeah I saw your post." I'll bet you'll say to yourself, hmm funny because he/she never seems to be on social. [insert investigative pose here]

Personally, I don't really consider this a "healthy" situation to be in. Keeping it totally real, in my opinion it is likely that the individual that does this is probably very nosy, and lives with F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out). He or she is probably judging you for always sharing on social yet implies to others that you guys are closer than you really are because they follow everything you do on social and as far as they know they are up to date on what's currently going on with you. The kicker is they don't want you to know how much they are checking your social media! Obvious enough I am speaking of interpersonal relationships and social media. Let me just say this, I am SO annoyed with people who do this! You see me, I see you and in the words of Nene Leakes..."we see each other!"

It's seems that social media has some sort of unspoken rule among some of those who personally know the individual doing the posting. While others who also personally know the poster have no issue 'hearting' a post or even commenting on it! What's the big deal, seriously? Word to the wise, us social media people we see you! Ha, we know that you are on, we know that you are scrolling and we can't help but to wonder if you are hating. It's okay to acknowledge that you saw a post. It's even okay to like a post. It's 2017 and it's totally okay to be on social media because it isn't going anywhere. If you don't agree then please do not get upset when you are blocked by the individual you check up on everyday. Ha! Instead think hard about the ambiguous scrolling that you were doing!

So with having said all of that, I personally have become more of an introvert when it comes to personal social such as my personal Facebook. I feel if you know someone personally do your best not to reduce your interpersonal relationship to social media stalking. If not simply acknowledge that you guys really aren't as close as you'd like to put on. Someone out there knows what I am talking about!
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