Monday, November 20, 2017


A mother never truly realizes how quickly time flies until the day you wake up and your baby is a teen! I can truly attest to this as my son hit the big teenage milestone this year. I am honestly still adjusting to being mom to a teen! As my older two continue to grow I am reminded daily that Aria will only be this little for a short time.

So before Memories Of Growing Up reached out to me and asked me to review their Talltape I hadn't really considered how memorable documenting the growth of the little ones truly is. While I have the information from every single well child check Aiden & Addie have had I still would love to have had tangible growth documentation to put away in a baby book or shadow box even.

Talltape is a portable children’s height chart which is handy when it comes to keeping an on-going record of your little ones growth. It's compact and small enough to easily store away and also cute enough to post in your baby's room. Accompanied with a mini sharpie, you can choose from seven different styles ranging from themes to solid colors. I chose the "Fairies" theme simply because we're all over anything that is whimsical. We love our tall tape and with the help of Aria's older siblings her growth in height is sure to be documented.

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