Thursday, November 30, 2017


So my birthday is approaching and well obviously enough I am another year older. I'm pretty confident in saying that this year, 2017, has most definitely defined a lot of things for me. I've learned a lot about my strengths and weaknesses this year as both a woman and a mother. I wonder how many women can remember the fearless girl, teen, or young woman that they used to be. Most importantly I wonder how many women still recognize themselves. Life and relationships surely do have a super funny way of changing our very own perception of self.

There is a current shift in the air for women right now and I wonder how many of us are feeling empowered. Empowered for reasons other than standing up and coming forward but for reasons of deep internal self love, self confidence and most importantly authenticity to self. So this coming year I plan to maintain a mantra of honesty with self. Not that I don't already do this. I feel very strongly that the more honest we are with ourselves the less we point the finger at others.Being honest with self also allows us to make a decision and to be 100% comfortable with it. Accountability is huge on so many levels.

With that being said, I must say that I am feeling pretty empowered in my all black belted trench courtesy of Maybe it's just me but there's something empowering about wearing all black. I personally love the quote, "women who wear black lead colorful lives" by Neiman Marcus!
This is indeed a true quote! Regarding this coat, well this black tench will be in heavy rotation this fall and winter so fingers crossed that our Texas weather will play along! The LongLine Belted Trench coat pictured is available in the December collection at If you're feeling empowered go and grab you one!

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