Wednesday, October 25, 2017


You guys I love my tribe and every single minute that we spend together. I am so blessed to have them! So Dicks Sporting Goods reached out and hooked the whole family up with a new pair of sneakers. Even little miss Aria! How cool is that?
You guys Ari is too excited to own a pair of sneakers. No lie, when I put them on her she instantly starts running!
 As a sports momma I truly love Dicks Sporting Goods and couldn't wait for the store to finish building in our area last year. If you follow me on social than you know that Aiden's first sport is football and Addie is both a sideline cheerleader and an All - Star cheerleader. We are in Dicks stores pretty often either buying sneakers, a mouth piece, cleats, sports name it. What I love about the store is the fact that it truly is a one stop destination for an active lifestyle. The visual alone is enough to get anyone excited upon entering one of their stores. Ya'll it really is exciting to enter and I immediately want to buy everything. Ha!

Aside from the fact that I can find something for everyone, Dicks maintains a pretty good inventory. My most favorite feature when it comes to shopping is the ability to shop online and pick up in store the same day. If your children are in any type of sport than you know that at any given moment he or she will at the last minute lose or forget  a critical piece of gear. I also purchased my post - baby treadmill from Dicks and what sold me on it the most was the free home delivery and set up. Never mind the fact that it's collecting dust right now it'll get more use in our new home.
So Addie received a pair of Nike Presto Fly, Aiden received a pair of Nike Incursions, Aria's very first pair of sneakers are a pair of Nike Theas, the hubs shoes are the siren red Nike Hauraches, and lastly I received a pair of Nike Metcon in the white and gold combination. Links to footwear below.
Addie's Shoes Here | Aiden's Shoes Here | Aria's Shoes Here | My Shoes Here | The Hubs Shoes Here

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