Wednesday, October 11, 2017


I cannot believe that Aria is almost one year old. Heck I still can't believe that I am a mother to three! I was so afraid going into this whole parenting three thing. Lord knows I was but here we are almost one year later killing it! Ha!

Aria is quite the little baby! She has done everything pretty early. She became mobile at four months, walked at nine months and we are now in running territory. I like to joke that with her early mobility I should be seriously thin because I am always running after this child. My goodness! At ten months this little gal began taking off her diaper so we are getting ready to start the super fun process of potty training. Y'all pray for a momma. It's been years. She's also quite the babbler so I am currently crafting up a little curriculum fun for her because she's got to stay busy. So guys expect to see more style post from Aria as this was her first of many!
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