Monday, September 4, 2017


It's that time of year! It's football season y'all! I must admit I knew absolutely nothing about football before my son began to play and seven years later I am still learning! You guys this sport is tough and the quarters are long but I absolutely love being a football mom.
I've spent quite a few years sitting in the bleachers sweating my mascara and eyeliner off while cheering my boy on until the very last second of the 4th quarter. I tell you, you can learn a lot about this sport just by sitting in the stands!

So as we gear up to head into our delayed football season (thanks hurricane Harvey) my heart is set on community over competition. As football moms with our heart out there on the field we should embrace community versus competition. Here's what I mean by that.

This sport is rough
Recognize that every player is out there putting everything that they've got onto that field. Advise your player to play smart and without malice. 

Parenting vs. Coaching
Recognize as the parent that you are your child's biggest fan. Allow their coach to do the coaching and encourage your player through the good and the bad.

Avoid thinking for your player
Allow your player to make mistakes as well as to celebrate his wins. Sway away from talking badly about his teammates as this could affect your own players performance in the game.   

When necessary call your player out
Never allow your player to blame others. Hold him accountable to his own actions but be sure to remind him if the issue was out of his hands. Adversity and accountability are life's greatest teachers. 

This is a team sport
At the end of the game the shiniest cleats won't win the game alone and every players effort is seen from the stands. Some things aren't seen at field level until the film is reviewed. Remind your player to maintain a team mindset while in the game.

No Player is perfection
I've never attended a game that proved one single player was strong in all areas of his position. Some are great at gaining yards some are great at taking it to the house. Unless your player is the art of perfection on the field remind him not to focus on or point out the weaknesses of other players.

As a football mom I am certain that we all want to start and end the season great. So with that stay steady on your prayers and most importantly keep your head in the game!

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