Thursday, August 10, 2017


Hello world, welcome to my blog Werk It Momma! My name is Toya and I am mom to three. I previously blogged over at I am still the sole owner of IHH. I  simply decided to blog with a slightly different focus to allow room to incorporate more of my lifestyle in addition to all of the things I blogged about before!

I'm not sure if I've ever formally introduced my kiddos. I am mom to Aiden, Addison and Aria. They are my world and consume a lot of my time. I cannot tell a lie! Parenting a teen, pre - teen, and an infant is quite the challenge considering they are all in totally different phases of life. Though my oldest two are three years apart, the fact that they are boy and girl makes a huge difference as opposed to if I had two girls or two boys three years apart.

In addition to that they are both athletes so I am also a sports mom. In fact Aria was born exactly one week after Aiden's football season ended and just four days before the kick off of All Star cheer comp season. You bet I never missed a game or a cheer competition. Thank God! I'll write a blog post on all of the wonderful baby items that enabled us to survive comp season with a newborn in tow. Thankfully Aria never fell sick and I attribute that to her being my third child. I got this!
In regard to self care, now that we've gotten through our first summer as a family of five and the fact that Aria is nine months old, taking baby steps and standing on her own I feel like I've finally leveled up in the area of managing my house! I may not clock in to a nine to five but I promise you this here what I do on a day to day basis is work. I do not have a nanny although I have considered one on many moments of frustration, I'm still not there quite yet. However, I am NOT saying that I never will be! Right now my biggest focus is fitness and getting back into the swing of things. Ten pounds to go plus an additional five for brownie points!

So if you've ever read my blog before you are probably aware that I blog about style, beauty products, hair products, fitness wear, etc. On this blog you will see those type of post in addition to my go to baby products, the kiddos school and street style (which is almost basically the same!), day to day mom life stuff, how I parent as a sports mom and what that life is about. I will also post about our family travels. I regret not doing this before! I also wish I had blogged more during my pregnancy but hey, as we all know ... life happens.

I look forward to sharing a peek into our chaotic lifestyle!

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