Monday, August 14, 2017


Hello there! As you all know I am very much so a sports momma! Now let me be the first to say that I am not THAT mom that talks and talks about her kiddo and how great he or she is all day long. I'm no where near a political sports mom either but boy oh boy do they exist! I am simply a proud mom who is constantly amazed by the ability I see my two put in to their sports. Yes, they amaze me and I will always be a proud momma.

With that being said, after many years of watching Aiden & Addie pick up new skills and techniques that at times looks effortless I never imagined having to do anything more than simply show up and encourage them. Overall, they are pretty tough kids. Any teacher that has taught them or coach that has coached them could probably attest to the fact that they rarely struggle. Stick with me, I'm not bragging I promise!

No, my kiddos aren't perfect. Perfectionism is highly overrated. The point that I am making is that when you are an individual who is accustomed to over- performing failure becomes foreign. In fact, it's not even a thought until a challenge is presented that takes you out of your comfort zone. I've watched my son go through his experience of failure. Now that is what he perceived as failure. Aiden experienced two rough seasons and even though he scored several touchdowns each season his mental capability as an offensive football player was challenged. It's not easy to watch your child struggle at all. It's natural to want to save them from themselves BUT struggle is indeed a part of the process and Aiden came out stronger than ever.

As for my little Addie, she is typically the teachers little assistant. You know, always on the honor roll & running administrative office errands for her teachers. Ha! I typically have a pretty good relationship with her teachers because of that. What I didn't realize as mom is how this "privilege" may affect her. She's never had to be tough because things have always come easily. That is until this time in her all -star cheer career when she went from level one to level three within one and a half year of joining the sport. If you know anything about all star cheer then you know that is kind of a big deal! Her tumbling is pretty powerful and that's what got her there.

So it was quite the situation when Addie went through a moment of anxiety which ultimately diminished her self confidence. This kid has always been confident! She was so nervous about performing perfectly that she mentally checked out. We could easily assume that the level of tumbling is what affected her and that's possible. As her mother who's watched her tumble repeatedly and have to pry her from the backyard trampoline I'm pretty positive that what truly affected her was the perception of perfectionism that seemed to over come her. It consumed her more than anything else. I'm not sure if she'd truly realized that she indeed did the work to be where she was.There was a short moment where she wouldn't throw anything and thankfully that was short lived.

I am reminded of the time that Aiden went through two seasons to reach his current level of mental toughness which is totally possible to push through in football. If you have a child in any sport who performs at an elite level than you more than likely have experienced some rough times. What I know for sure is that an athlete that performs at the upper range of their talent has to have the mental toughness to match their physical ability. Especially when he or she is a physical athlete.

As for Addie she is looking forward to a major moment of bounce back and I am very proud to see her pull herself through. If ever your child experiences a moment of challenge my best advice is to support them but let them go through it and allow them to feel the moment because tough times build strong people.

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