Friday, August 25, 2017


So we've made it through our first week of school. I will admit that I actually like back to school shopping with my kiddos. Mainly because shopping with them allows me to see who they are, how much they've grown from who they were, and most importantly who they are growing into.

I let Aiden and Addie choose their clothes while we are shopping. Of course my final approval is necessary but I prefer to let them reflect who they are through their own style. I still remember the back to school jitters I would get the night before school started. Wondering how much everyone had changed, thinking about who I wanted to be and how I would conduct myself during the upcoming year.

I personally feel that this approach allows them to truly build their confidence from the inside out because they actually chose their clothing. I have found over the recent years that they at times have agreed to something that I picked simply to please me. In this case the clothing that I chose rarely got worn unless it was truly on point. Frankly, I grew tired of my time and money being wasted on brand new clothes that were never worn or hardly ever worn. So with this strategy there is no argument in the morning because well, they chose their school clothes.



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