Friday, August 11, 2017


Hello there! So I haven't made a lot of clothing purchases since having Aria outside of spandex and sweat pants. Which is pretty pathetic. I've ordered a few sets from Fabletics post pregnancy but I must say that the Daneila top and Savina leggings are my favorite. The Savina leggings are so soft. I don't know if they have less compression material as opposed to my other leggings but they are pretty forgiving to my mom pooch. They do not roll down on me and that's one of THE best feelings.
I also love the details in this legging. I've worn the Savina leggings more days than I care to share since I received them because they are just that comfortable. I plan to order a pair of the high waist leggings next. On those days that I am hustling the kiddos around I can definitely appreciate a truly comfortable athliesure look. Without looking to comfy. Know what I mean?

This look is from July's collection and may be sold out but August looks are just as nice. I tend to go for black when it comes to active wear but I've really got my eye on the Fabletics Ester look.

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